Ana Lorelei, was the child for which playtime meant drawing plans for her dream home, hand painting wallpaper for her doll houses and rearranging her bedroom.  Some things never change.  Ana began working in the design world at her mother’s landscape design company, assisting with drawings and implementing plans. Her passion for design and visual aesthetics grew through the years working as a photo editor, visual stylist, graphic designer, and in-home staging, subsequently, developing her attention to detail, digital production skills and structural way of perceiving space.

While working towards a Studio Arts degree in printmaking she took a stagecraft course where she fell in love with the concept of telling a story in the physical environment. Thriving on expressing that story through their day to day surroundings, she shortly switched her degree to interior design. While in the program, Ana was professor assistant for the head of the department and was commissioned by the university to design and paint murals on campus.  During this time she worked as assistant designer at a residential interior design firm in Austin.  Ana Lorelei graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from Texas State University.


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