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A.GRUPPO architects was founded in 2005 by Andrew Nance and Thad Reeves. From the outset, the office has been positioned as a vehicle for collaboration between themselves and other designers, architects, fabricators: and most importantly clients.

A.GRUPPO engages in a broad range of project types and scales from intimately detailed interior "installations" to large scale master planning and speculative development. Thoughtful solutions to these "design problems" are informed by ongoing research in the ever-changing landscape of project delivery and tectonics. The quest for mastery of spatial articulation through light, materiality and composition is the key to attaining the transcendent experiential quality of Architecture.

There are a wide variety of issues impacting the practice of Architecture today. Technology, economics, and sustainability all shape the way architects engage the process. We believe the ongoing discourse of Architecture is a critical component to the process of practicing in this field. At A.GRUPPO we are constantly mindful of this and value the "conversation" between architect and client as a necessary ingredient for the development of quality projects.


A. GRUPPO is a design + build architecture firm that specializes in sustainable, modern residential and commercial builds throughout the state of Texas. With two Texas offices in the heart of Dallas and San Marcos, A. GRUPPO has proven themselves with an array of unique and timeless buildings and continues to seek innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship with every new project.


For the Firm

2021        AIA Dallas  ·  Contractor Award  

2018        Texas Architect  · "Hammer Time"

2016        Build Direct · "The 15 Best Architects in Dallas TX"

2015        D Magazine · "Architecture 360: A Gruppo Architects on the Need for Retrospect(ion)"

2015        Candy's Dirt · "Interview with an Architect: Thad Reeves Seeks Transcendent Quality of Architecture"

Carroll Residence

2022        AIA Dallas Tour of Homes

Aldwick Residence

2022        Architects of the Southwest - BOOQ Publishing


Riverbend Residence

2022        Architects of the Southwest - BOOQ Publishing

16 Vanguard

2022        Architects of the Southwest - BOOQ Publishing

2018        Texas Architect · "Hammer Time"

2016        AIA · Dallas Homes Tour

2016        D Magazine · Home Tour Feature/ Interview with Thad Reeves

2016        Significant Homes · Featured Home

Trammel Residence

2020        City Houses - BOOQ Publishing

2018        AIA Dallas Tour of Homes

17 Vanguard Residence

2018        AIA Dallas Tour of Homes

Ferrand Residence

2018        Home Design and Decor · Rock House Restoration

2018        Open Concept Houses · LOFT Publications

Laman Residence

2019        Rock and Vine - "The Artists' Way"

2018        AIA Austin Homes Tour

2018        Spaces - "Artist Couple Goes Modern in San Marcos" (reprint from Texas Monthly Article)

2018        Texas Monthly- "Retired Couple Goes Modern in San Marcos"
2018        Home Design & Decor- "Artists' Abode"

2017        Texas Modern- Redefining Houses in the Lone Star State · The Images Publishing Group

2017        Residential Architect Design Award

2017        Architect Magazine · Featured Project

2016        Texas Architect · "A Pair of Jeans"

2016        Builder's Choice Custom Home · Grand Award

2016        Urban Home Magazine · Cover Feature "Artists' Abode"

2016        ArchDaily · Featured Project

2016        American-Architects "Building of the Week"

2016        Significant Homes · Featured Home

2016        HomeDSGN · Featured Home

Groveland House

2019        Little House in the City - Vassallo, Taunton Press

2015        Madera y Construccion "Pequeña cabaña en Estados Unidos deslumbra por su diseño ecológico y funcionalidad"

2014        Usual House "Character Breeds Individuality"

2014​​        Advocate Magazine · "A Little bit off Eden in Little Forest Hills"

2013        AIA · Dallas Homes Tour

2013         Home Adore · Featured Project

Cannonball Run

2016        Feature Article in Urban Home Magazine


Bley Sleeping House

2014        Usual House "Little Red Box

2013        Feature on Houzz

2013        Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Creative Scholarship; Interiors as Design

Gillespie Unit B

2013        AIA · Dallas Homes Tour

2013        Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Creative Scholarship; Interiors as Design

Guadalupe Station

2015       Downtown Development Award · Downtown San Marcos

Rancho Encino

2014       Featured in Houzz · "Off the Grid"

2013       Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Creative Scholarship; Interiors as Design

Gachet Coffee Shop

2013       Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) Creative Scholarship; Interiors as Design

Cooper (2) House

2011       AIA San Antonio Studio Award

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