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austin, texas
2140 sq ft
3 bed/ 2 bath
completed: 2015

Battle Bend was the first new construction home in a relatively untouched 30-year-old neighborhood in South Austin. It was built upon the old parking lot of the original model home for the now transitional neighborhood.

Conceived of as a series of outdoor enclosures, the home embraces the street with a front courtyard and then forms a L shape, wrapping the patio, pool and backyard which opens onto a lush green space that backs up to a natural creek.

With the street face oriented due north, an opportunity for consistent, indirect lighting was presented. The public wing is characterized by large roof monitors that channel natural light into both the dining and in the living room flanking the centrally located kitchen, plus direct access to the outdoor living spaces While the bedroom wing receives natural light from its east and west facing light monitors which change the character of light throughout the day within each room.

Mark Menjivar Photographer 

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