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1100 sq ft
1 bed/1 bath


Conceived of as a do-it-yourself starter home, this house takes advantage of a simple post and beam structure.  The frame is repeated until the desired space is achieved.  The posts can be recycled telephone poles or steel frames from a metal-building supplier.

Large expanses of South facing translucent walls; of both polycarbonate and traditional windows, provides ample natural light throughout the year as well as passive heating in the winter.  The polycarbonate can be applied to both the interior and exterior for improved thermal performance - better than that of insulated glazing.

The frame lifts the floor off the ground eliminating the need for a costly slab on grade.  Once the frame is erected, non-structural wood framing is used to enclose the interior space.  This view shows an exterior deck which can be later enclosed to form an additional bedroom or study.

Renderings by NotioImage

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