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san marcos, texas
completed: 2014

The Baer family recently purchased one of the dozen or so coveted properties with river access within the city limits of San Marcos, Texas. The spring-fed San Marcos river is renown for hosting some of the greatest diversity of aquatic organisms in the United States. 

A family with young children, the Baers wanted a place to put in kayaks and canoes; for fishing and bird watching; and for swimming in the 72 degree (year round) waters of the river.

The Cannonball Run (named after the recommended method of entering the water) cantilevers out from the deck over the sensitive shoreline.  The deck is constructed around an existing pecan tree that provides both a physical and visual connection to the shoreline.

The raised deck offers a full view of the swimming area while its placement encourages wet children to run around the adult “dry zone”.  The sequence is simple:  run & jump - float - climb out of the river - stand in line - run & jump…..(repeat)…..

Massaranduba, a FSC certified sustainably harvested Brazilian hardwood, was chosen as the decking material for it’s durability and rich homogeneous color when sealed. Pressure treated pine (stained black) was used for the structure.  

Photography: Andrew Nance AIA


Urban Home Magazine · "Decked Out"


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